Seed Investors in Hyper Growth Companies

Streamlined Ventures is a seed stage investment firm rooted in the belief that the founders of companies are the true heroes of entrepreneurial value creation in our society.

We are passionate about working with visionary founders to help them create exceptional companies and help them capture as much of that value for themselves as possible – they deserve it!  If we stay true to our beliefs and we are good at what we do, then we will benefit too.

Our style of engagement with all our stakeholders focuses on low ego behavior, mutual respect and clarity of thought.

We seed invest in visionary founders who are building the next generation of transformational companies for the Mobile Web, Social Web, Web and the Enterprise.

Our current areas of interest include:

  • Businesses seeking to capture granular data assets about large vertical markets to disrupt incumbent business models in those markets
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning
  • The internet of Things (IoT)
  • Applications, application infrastructure
  • Business services offered through the APIs
  • Business services that leverage the principles of ‘on demand’ delivery and provisioning
  • New computing technologies such as AR/VR/Robotics and Quantum Computing

We want the companies we invest in to reach dramatic scale while consuming limited amounts of capital. To enable this high level of capital-efficient scalability, we work with our founders to develop innovative thinking around methodologies to relentlessly lower the cost of product development and product distribution.